Ellie WakemanPastor of 2's & 3's


Upon moving to B-N in 2008, ECC soon became our family’s new church home - a place where everyone belongs (picture one big God-made family where all are welcome & everyone matters).  So, I’m grateful for a life’s journey that has been preparing & shaping me for this time & this place.  It’s my joy to be a part of a fun, safe & secure space where 2’s & 3’s get to hear about our gracious God & the Good News of Jesus.  Outside of ECC, I enjoy time with my precious family consisting of a super supportive & loving husband, 5 uniquely gifted grown children & 7 extraordinary grandchildren.  R&R ("reading & reflecting" on God & His goodness) is my first love & any time I read any Scripture lately I think, “oh, now that one’s definitely my favorite!” e.g., Dt. 31:8, Jeremiah 31:3, Ps 89:8 & Jn 1:16