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Eastview offers wedding services for our regular attenders who wish to get married at either or Normal or Bloomington Campus. We can provide one of our pastoral staff members to officiate your special day. All individuals getting married here and by one of our pastoral staff are required to go through premartial mentoring sessions.

Wedding Planning

Our  Wedding Planning Guide is your guide to answering as many questions as possible as you plan your wedding ceremony.  If, after reading this guide, you decide to hold your wedding at Eastview or reserve an Eastview pastor for your ceremony elsewhere, please complete the Wedding Application, which includes a $50 deposit. We'll be in touch with you following your form submission.

Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding Application

Premarital Mentoring

At Eastview we are committed to encouraging and equipping couples with skills for a healthy and godly marriage.  This is why premarital mentoring is always included in the planning of any wedding ceremony we do.  Even if you are not planning to have your ceremony at Eastview, we want to encourage all our members who are starting out in marriage.  Email us for more information. 

Marriage Mentoring Ministry

Mentor couples work to provide quality marriage preparation to couples using the Prepare-Enrich assessment tool. If you are interested in becoming an online marriage mentor, Email us for an application and more information.