Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Eastview's Elders initiate an independent investigation?

The elders commissioned an independent third party to investigate the circumstances around Caleb Baker’s tenure on staff and allegations of power dynamics at Eastview.

Who conducted the investigation?

The investigation was conducted by Wagenmaker & Oberly, LLC., a Chicago-based law firm that provides legal counsel as well as specializes in restorative justice to non-profit organizations.

How long did the investigation take?

The investigation took about three months, beginning in March and concluding in early June.

How many people participated in the investigation?

60 verbal and 20 written responses, interviews, or testimonies were received from current and former staff, elders, and members of the congregation. Each person chose to participate of their own free will and was able to share whatever they wanted toward the investigation.

What was the scope of the investigation?

The firm investigated the past 10 years of behaviors concerning staff culture, governance/HR processes and procedures, as well as accusations made against former youth pastor Caleb Baker and former senior pastor Mike Baker.

What does it mean for it to be an “independent third-party investigation”?

The firm chosen had no affiliation or conflicts of interest with Eastview Christian Church, those who had been harmed, and/or anyone connected to the investigation. All interviewees freely participated and could influence through their 1-1 sharing. However, no individual participating as well as the leaders of Eastview Christian Church past or present could manipulate or modify the findings or results of the investigation. The firm developed independent conclusions, summaries, as well as recommendations on how to move forward.

How can I be praying for Eastview during this time?

We appreciate your prayers. Please pray for healing for those who have been harmed and wisdom for our elders and staff as we navigate this challenging situation. Pray for unity and strength for our church family as we work towards restoration.

What's next?

We're focusing on restoration and healing as a church. Although the exact steps in this process remain uncertain, we are committed to submitting to God's wisdom and guidance as we navigate this time.

When will Eastview start looking for a new pastor?

We're currently focusing on the investigation phase and initiating the necessary processes for restoration, reconciliation, and healing. We anticipate beginning the process of looking for a new senior pastor in July 2023. This process could take anywhere from six months to a year, and we will provide updates along the way.